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You’ve helped with everything you can on top of all that the school is doing ….. hired a tutor …TICK … sourced every past paper ever produced … TICK … revision planner, flash cards, mind maps, TICK, TICK, TICK…. But if your child has never taken a formal exam in a setting and conditions they are unfamiliar with then, despite having done all the hard work, there is still scope for a fall at the final hurdle. Forgetting to put your name on the paper, running out of time to answer all the questions, suffering a brain freeze even though you know the answer  … Moxams mocks are designed to prevent your child missing out on those crucial marks by offering familiarity and confidence in exam taking through targeted, deliberate practice.

We specialise in providing an additional advantage to those taking the written papers of the 11+ and pre-tests (for entry aged 13) to the UK’s most oversubscribed independent schools. We do so by:

  1. Providing exams that mimic the style and types of questions of the school(s) you are targeting.
  2. Offering them in exam halls and conditions that imitate those encountered on the real assessment day.
  3. Providing detailed feedback reports (written by our highly experienced examiners) that demonstrate your child’s performance and  pinpoints areas which need development, enabling optimised tutoring and revision time.

Whichever school you are targeting, our exams, and the questions in them, won’t have been seen by your child in any of the past papers they will have previously taken. Given “practice makes perfect”, should you wish to do more than one mock, we have multiple papers designed specifically for your target school(s).

See the table below for dates, time and the location of our exams days and contact us to let us know which school you are aiming for so we can ensure your child sits the most appropriate paper.

Independent Schools Pre Test & 11+ Written Papers

Maths, English Comprehension, English Creative Writing & Reasoning papers appropriate to your target school.
Further Information

Saturday 8th Dec 2018 Baden Powell House, 65-67 Queens Gate, SW7 5JS Year 6

“The Moxams mock exams and subsequent thorough feedback was the stand out best preparation for our daughter, Catherine. The Moxams sessions helped her feel more familiar with exam day procedures and the detailed review of her exam answers was instrumental in helping us to prioritise areas of revision. We were best able to maximise the time spent preparing for the 11+ and ensure that she capitalised on her time spent working with confidence.

Catherine went into the exams feeling prepared and confident that she could perform to her personal best. As a side note, she received offers to all of the schools she applied to (all of the most competitive academic schools in West and North London) with some standout academic scholarship offers as a special bonus. We couldn’t have been more pleased.”

Natalie, Mother of Moxams mock exam participant,