Independent School 11+ Mock Interviews

  • Date: Wednesday 22nd December 2021
  • Location: Fulham, SW6
  • Age: Years 5-6

Mock interviews with questions tailored to your target school. Call or contact us to discuss your target school or schools. Our consultants will then tailor their questions and interview style accordingly.

Wednesday 22nd December is solely focused on interview skills to build your child’s confidence and understanding so they are able to shine on the day of their interview. We weave in communication skills sessions alongside exam & revision technique all with the aim of developing the interview skills and higher order thinking so sought after by the top selective schools.

Please click here to view the timetable for the 11+ Exam Preparation & Interview Course

After our morning session, you are welcome to book an optional mock interview. Each Moxams interview assessment lasts 20 minutes and our consultants will seek to book this in at a time most convenient to you. The assessment consists of a 15 minute, one to one interview with the types of questions that the school your child is targeting will ask. There is then 5 minutes of interview development work before a further 10 minute interview.

For your child’s safety please ensure that you bring government approved photo ID (passport or driving licence) to both pick up and drop off.



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