Expert teachers using 'intelligent' tech to help your child achieve better Eleven Plus results.


We have developed an online programme that, dependent on a user’s answers, constantly refines the 11+ verbal and non-verbal reasoning questions it offers them. Our algorithm shares the information from each user’s answers with our tutors, Britain’s finest 11+ reasoning teachers. Those tutors will then use that information to bespoke your child’s learning via an online platform. By putting intelligent tech in the hands of great teachers we offer your child a unique competitive advantage towards securing a place at their target school – all at outstanding value.

How it works

Sign up and one of our teachers, all former Department or Deputy Heads at well known preparatory schools, will set your child an online reasoning practice ‘paper’ that’s appropriate to their age.  Once they’ve completed this both you and they will instantly see the results, be able to review the questions and the correct answers.

Our algorithm, ‘Goldilocks’, will inform your child’s Moxams teacher of precisely which level (not too hot…not too cold), which topics and which question types your child needs to focus on. The teacher will use that information to send suggestions and activities that are tailored to help them improve their scores and understanding. 

That learning can then be put to work. Their teacher will set your child a new practice and Goldilocks will ensure it contains questions that are at exactly the right level to keep them improving. Your child’s teacher will keep setting them new practice questions, reviewing their answers and offering advice until their scores improve to the level that they’ll need for your target school(s). 


1 Month

£29.99 (+VAT)

30 min practice sessions per month
with online teacher support


1 Month

£49.99 (+VAT)

30 min practice sessions per month
with online teacher support


4 Months

£99.99 (+VAT)

30 min practice sessions per month
with online teacher support


Underlying Thinking Processes

Drawing on years of experience in preparing children for the Year 6 selective school entrance exams we understand that whichever exam you sit, all have one thing in common – they are testing a candidate’s underlying core thought processes. Does the candidate have the cognitive skills to see connections, to compare and contrast, identify patterns as well as cause and effect, to classify, sequence and make analogies?

Our thousands of practice questions have been designed so whether you are sitting for the CAT4, ISEB, London Consortium, CEM, UKiset or grammar school exams you will be developing the underlying thinking skills needed to better answer whichever questions are asked.



Intelligent Practice

Every year students waste countless hours doing ‘worthless’ practice where the questions are too easy. The result? Boredom and valuable revision time thrown away in the comfort zone, not improving. Perhaps worse is time spent on questions that are way too hard. The result? Panic and shattered confidence.

We have developed “Goldilocks” an algorithm that optimises practice. Goldilocks keeps you in the learning zone, constantly adapting to your answers and adjusting to offer questions that are neither too hot nor too cold but perfect for each user’s individual learning.

Our teachers

Our teachers are all experts in preparing pupils for senior school reasoning exams. They are either former Department, Deputy or Year 6 Heads at prep schools with enviable reputations for successfully preparing children for a wide range of senior schools. Each teacher has a huge depth of knowledge of the different question types asked by the different examining boards as well as solutions that improve performance in each area of reasoning. 

Jennifer Christie

Jen spent twelve years teaching English at Pembridge Hall, one of London’s most prestigious and successful independent preparatory schools for girls. For four years she was Head of Year Six, guiding girls and their parents through the daunting 11+ process. Her extensive knowledge of the senior school selection system and how to prepare students for their exams has left her in high demand as a tutor amongst the children of, not least, heads of state. Each of her pupils in the 2018/19 exam season were awarded places at their first choice schools including St Paul’s and Westminster.

Sarah Dickenson

Sarah has spent over twenty years working in preparatory schools, initially at King’s Canterbury Junior School and latterly at Norland Place School, Holland Park. She was Head of Maths at both schools and as a Year 6 form teacher she specialised in successfully preparing pupils for entry and scholarships to a wide range of independent and grammar schools. She prides herself on the personal attention she offers children which in turn allows her to understand how best to engage students with their learning. This results in them making outstanding progress.

Charlotte Wheeler

Charlotte was recently both Deputy Head, Academic and Pastoral at Sinclair House School, Fulham. She has successfully prepared countless children for the 11+ and scholarship exams at all of the top London senior schools and is an expert in designing 11+ curriculum with an explicit focus on developing metacognition and underlying thinking processes.

Julia Campbell

Julia has recently retired as Deputy Head, Academic of Old Buckenham Hall, Suffolk (Tatler's 2018 Prep School of the Year runner up) where she specialised in preparing children for the top senior schools. She continues to be a SENDco having held roles as Head of Saint Felix Prep, Southwold and Head of Pre-Prep at Belmont School, Surrey.


Why is Moxams' Online 11+'Intelligent' Practice better than a traditional tutor?
A traditional tutor without access to our technology will need multiple, costly sessions to assess your child and decide where to focus their efforts. The Moxams algorithm determines exactly which topic and question types your child needs to target in a fraction of the time. That saves you a whole load of expense. Our tutors have all been trained to use our system and so know precisely what to do with the information that 'Goldilocks' captures. They use it to tailor the learning they offer your child and because they can do that through our online platform you aren't having to pay for transport costs. That allows our teachers more time to teach and increased flexibility which mean you get access to the highest quality 11+ reasoning tutors in the UK at a fraction of their normal cost.
Why is Moxams' Online 11+ 'Intelligent' Practice better than buying practice papers myself?
Buying test papers yourself, marking them and analysing which question types your child is getting wrong can be time consuming, frustrating and inefficient. The questions are unlikely to all be at the right level for your child so they are likely to be wasting time on questions that are either too easy (and so boring them) or struggling with ones that are too hard (so their confidence is being eroded). Children may be strong in one area (such as verbal reasoning) but weak in another (such as spatial reasoning). Our service will ensure they get more of the questions they need to practise and don’t waste time on the ones they don't.
Why is Moxams' Online 11+ 'Intelligent' Practice better than fully automated offerings?
Relying solely on claims that a computer can teach your child 11+ reasoning (or anything!) is not something we, as experienced edtech developers, educators and parents, would advise. In our view education technology is there to enable educators to do what they do best, teach. Humans will always teach better than robots, especially our teachers who have been selected specifically for their experience and skill in teaching 11+ reasoning. If they weren't already, we believe that with our technology to assist them, they are the finest 11+ educators in the UK.

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